20 School Teams

2 Teachers, 1 Coach and 1 Administrator Per School

The CueThink PD Supported Pilot enables two teachers, an Instructional Coach and an Administrator to evaluate CueThink in a classroom environment, prior to making a purchasing decision. During the pilot, school teams and their students have full access to CueThink, CueTeach 1.0 tools, CueThink Professional Learning Guide and a Community Forum.

School teams have experienced greatest success with the pilot when Instructional Coaches and/or Administrators are actively engaged in supporting pilot teachers. To ensure the success of your CueThink pilot, Instructional Coaches and Administrators will participate in a collaborative 20-minute Planning Meeting with our team. Teachers will attend a 20-minute Implementation Kick-off Meeting conducted by expert Implementation Specialists. Both meetings enable our team to provide ongoing personalized support throughout the pilot.

CueThink flexibly integrates into any existing classroom structures and routines. Therefore, the amount of time pilot teachers dedicate to using CueThink will vary. Many teachers use CueThink about once per week for a full class session. Others use it 2-3 times a week in smaller amounts of time each day for small group instruction, station rotations or blending learning stations.

Upon completion of the pilot, schools will receive a Pilot Summary Report with recommendations on how the experience of your teachers will support the school/district in adopting CueThink. Pricing for license subscriptions will be prorated for this school year.


Application Deadline for next Pilot cohort: march 31, 2017
Scholarship Pilot Cost: $0 // Pilot value: $500


What the Pilot Scholarship includes:


product access

Access to CueThink and CueTeach 1.0* for 2 teachers and his/her students via tablets, Chromebooks, laptops and desktops through June 2017


Embedded Guide

Access to a CueThink Professional Learning Guide** embedded within the Teacher Dashboard


peer network

Access to a CueThink Professional Learning Community Forum for the opportunity to collaborate with other pilot teachers to exchange insights and experiences



Ongoing personalized technology and pedagogical guidance from Implementation Specialists, unlimited in-application support


*CueTeach 1.0 provides embedded professional development tools to inform instruction. Rubrics, reflections and tagging features help teachers evaluate the efficacy of student tasks and share observations with a professional learning community. CueTeach provides opportunities to participate in an extended professional learning network focused on problem solving and cognitively demanding tasks. 

**CueThink Professional Learning Guide is designed to enhance teachers’ problem solving pedagogy. The 6-unit Guide enables educators to learn all the features of CueThink while using the application with students.