Internship Reflection

I have had a wonderful experience interning at CueThink for the past month! This is due in large part to the support and thoughtfulness from the CueThink team. Sheela, Norma, and Al patiently explained many aspects of Education Technology to me – from the outreach to schools, to quality assurance, to evaluating student work – and helped me understand how my work fits into CueThink’s larger goals. They also went out of their way to give me additional resources and answer questions beyond what I needed for the internship. I have really valued their advice and guidance.

I gained so much more exposure to entrepreneurship and startups during my time here, which will be a very useful perspective as I begin college this fall in engineering. I have realized that there is so much more to innovation than I expected, including many levels and iterations of design, and outreach to improve and promote the app. Since CueThink is a small startup, it was especially insightful to see how different aspects of the company interact effectively. I am sure this will provide a valuable context for the business and engineering classes I will take in the coming years.

Over the course of this internship, I began to truly appreciate how Sheela, Norma, and the rest of the team are so attentive about the effect of the app on students’ learning. They continually discuss changes to ensure the app is beneficial to student learning and easy for teachers to integrate into their classes. It’s clear that they really care about the students. Their thoughtfulness has been very inspiring, and I hope that someday I may similarly have this type of impact.

This internship has given me a unique exposure to entrepreneurship, education, and using technology to improve lives. I look forward to continue working with and learning from the team at CueThink!


Anisha is currently studying engineering at Olin College of Engineering.