Introducing CueThink to Your Students in 40 Minutes

Things to consider

✓ Pick a simple problem that students are familiar with
 Use a mix of whole class and small group instruction

Here’s how you can segment a 40 minute class period:

10 minutes Whole Class Exploration:

Understand (5 minutes)

Get your students comfortable with the terminology of “Notice” and “Wonder.”  Instead of asking students, “What do you know, What do you want to know?”, ask them “What do you notice, What you do wonder about?”  Anyone can notice and wonder about something.  This helps take away any self-imposed pressure students can place on themselves when problem solving.  

Plan (5 minutes)

Review the strategies to choose from and encourage your students to add in their own.  This step is a great time to emphasize there are “many pathways to the same destination.”

20 minutes Small Group Exploration:

Solve and Review

Have students work in partners and share a device, or work in small groups on their own device. Let them explore the tools and learn in the process!

5-10 minutes Class Debriefing: 

Have students share feedback on how their first time using CueThink went.  What did they enjoy about it? What was frustrating? Their feedback will help you set class goals to start off the next CueThink session!

As with any new tool, it’s okay if your students don’t complete a full thinklet the first time! It will take less time as your students become more and more comfortable with the tool and more importantly, the 4 phases. Invest the time in the beginning to ensure student independence later on!