Discover the Rich Content Available in CueThink

Did you know that there is rich content available for you to use with your students in the CueThink Problem Bank?

Rich problems are challenging, accessible and extendable for all ability levels. They promote discourse and encourage creativity and critical thinking. The CueThink problem bank contains content like this from CueThink, The Math Forum, and other teachers just like you.  Problems are tagged at many levels, including Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), and you can use the filter in the Teacher Dashboard to search for problems by grade band, topic, or specific grade.


Partnering with The Math Forum

Back in November, CueThink and The Math Forum announced a unique partnership, one which integrates the Math Forum’s well-known, award-winning Problems of the Week (PoW) with CueThink’s engaging learning platform that helps #makemathsocial.  “This partnership is based on a shared vision of the importance of problem solving and student interaction as a basis for developing mathematical thinking,” said Sheela Sethuraman, CEO of CueThink.

CueThink educator accounts have integrated access to the free portion of The Math Forum’s popular Problems of the Week.  While in the CueThink Problem Bank, just filter by author > the Math Forum. 

Vetted Problems from Our Users

Many of the problems you will find in the CueThink Problem Bank are written by teachers just like you!  When you create your own content, if you check off the box at the bottom just above the SUBMIT button, you can request that your problem be added to the Problem Bank for others to use.  Our team will review your content and let you know if your problem will be added to the bank.  We might suggest a few tweaks before approving it.  This process ensures that our CueThink community has rigorous, engaging and challenging problems to use with students.  CueThink promotes digital citizenry for classrooms and beyond, so please note CueThink cannot publish material to the bank unless it is original content or Creative Commons that falls under CC BY, CC BY-SA or CC BY-ND.


What you will find

Aside from the actual question stem, you will also find the answer, if applicable.  Some of the problems are scenarios that have no answer and lead the students to notice and wonder, often creating their own questions.  You will also find details of the problem, such as the author, grade band, topic, Common Core State Standards, and any tags assigned to the problem.  If applicable, there will also be a link to the source, as is the case for the Math Forum problems. This link will take you to an even more detailed description of the problem with a description of possible solutions and misconceptions that might be encountered by the students.  Most problems also include helpful notes to the teacher, and possible extensions to the original problem.


Creating Your Own Content

Even with all of this great content to choose from, you still might want to create your own content, or possibly modify existing content from the problem bank.  Stay tuned for our next blog post where you will find out how to do just that!

Take some time to check out the great content in the Teacher Dashboard.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and look forward to your content submissions too!  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by emailing us at or tweet us at @CueThink. You can also check out our support page for more information.