Manage Classes and View Student Progress in the Teacher Dashboard

Once you’ve created an assignment for your classes, whether you use content found in CueThink’s Problem Bank or you create your own content, you will want to manage your classes and view your students’ progress with those assignments.  This can also be done right in the Teacher Dashboard!

Manage your classes and see their status

Navigate to the student view from the menu on the left side of the Teacher Dashboard.  Here is where you add a new class and see your existing classes. Classes are displayed along with how many students are enrolled and the class invitation code.

To add a new class simply click the “Add a class” icon.  Give your new class a name and select the grade from the pull-down menu.  Click the generate invitation code button and you are all set to share the displayed new class code with students.

Select a class and you see all the students enrolled in that class.  This view provides an overall picture of the class’s status:  how many thinklets each student submitted, how many drafts were submitted, how many thinklets are in progress, and how many problems a student has pending, that is assigned but not yet started.

View students' progress

To check up on an individual student, click on their name.  From this view, you can see their account information, reset their password, or delete them if they are no longer in your class.  You also see all their work - completed, drafts, and in progress.  Selecting and clicking an assignment name pulls up assignment details including the problems assigned and due date.

By clicking on the name of the problem, you see all of the student’s thinking detail -- information they entered as they worked through the four phases, and a video of the actual thinklet itself.  This is more depth and detail than your view in the App gallery.  You can view the thinklet as a thumbnail or view it full screen.

Click on “close” to close this detailed view.  Click on the name of the class to go back to your class list.

So hop onto your Teacher Dashboard and start managing your classes and viewing students’ progress right away!   If you want a quick overview of the whole process, watch our video tutorials on managing student information and viewing student data.  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by emailing us at or tweet us at @CueThink. You can also check out our support page for more information.