Introducing CueThink Using a Math Workshop Session 2: The Plan Phase Strategies

Session 1 introduced students to noticing, wondering and estimating in the Understand phase and what an exemplar Thinklet will look like.

The Session 2: Plan Phase Strategies objective is to build a common class understanding of what each strategy on the list looks like and when they might apply that strategy. Students will create a class strategies poster to reference throughout the year.

🕒 Adjust the length of time for the mini-lesson and/or independent station rotations for students to share out their posters at the closing of Math Workshop.

Begin the whole class mini-lesson by displaying the CueThink Plan Phase Strategies sheet. Tell students their task during independent station rotations is to decide which one of the two problems, Charlie’s Gumball or Even Or Odd Ice Cream, can be used to illustrate an example of each strategy from the pre-populated list. They are to pick only one problem to create their illustrations, which will be used to create a class strategies poster for reference throughout the year. Preview the two problems to make sure students will be able to work independently during station rotations. Assign student pairs one strategy from the list and partner students based on their Math Workshop rotations so they can work together during station rotations.


During independent station rotations and Guided Math Groups, student pairs work together to complete their poster. Circulate as students are working on their posters, or spend the last 10 minutes reviewing student posters before the closing of Math Workshop.

In the 10-minute closing of Math Workshop, invite students to share out their Plan Strategy posters. Ask students what they noticed and wondered about the two problems and their assigned strategy.

Next: Session 3 will look at the purpose and process of writing the steps to solve the problem in the Plan Phase’s Write Your Plan box.



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