Introducing CueThink Using a Math Workshop Session 3: The Plan Phase’s Writing

Session 2 introduced students to the strategies list in the Plan Phase and they created reference posters for each strategy.

The Session 3: Plan Phase’s Writing objective is for students to understand that the purpose of the Write Your Plan box is to explain in writing their steps to solve the problem.  

Begin the whole class mini-lesson displaying two versions of an exemplar written plan you create. One version shows the written plan in a paragraph style. The second version is organized with sequencing words such as First, Second, Next, Last. Pair students and ask them notice and wonder about your exemplar. As a class, sort ideas into when you will Always, Sometimes or Never see in a written plan. Before students begin independent station rotations, review the class strategies poster created in Session 2 and remind students to reference it as they complete the Plan Phase of their thinklet from Session 1.

PLAN 2.png

During independent station rotations and Guided Math Groups, students focus on completing the Plan phase of their independent problem.

In the 5-minute closing of Math Workshop, have 2-3 students share out their example Plan phase, highlighting exemplars of student work.

Next: Session 4 familiarizes students with the tools available in the Solve Phase and how to make a recording.