Introducing CueThink Using a Math Workshop Session 4: The Solve Phase

Session 3 looked at the purpose and process of writing the steps to solve the problem in the Plan Phase’s Write Your Plan box.

The Session 4: Solve Phase objective is to familiarize students with the tools available in the Solve Phase and how to make a recording. Students complete the Solve Phase of a thinklet to show and explain how to solve the problem and check their work.

Begin the whole class mini-lesson by familiarizing students with the tools and recording process in the Solve Phase using a Do Now activity. Project or hand out a CueThink Icon sheet for students to refer to. Assign students to work in pairs to complete a Do Now Exploration Activity in the Solve Phase.

CueThink Icon Sheet.png

Debrief as a class, addressing any student questions necessary. Close the mini-lesson with the following reminders:

  • Spread out your work on multiple pages of the whiteboard

  • Write out your solution before pressing record to create an efficient 1 - 2 minute recording

  • Use the Highlighter as you are explaining to indicate what part of your work you are talking about

As students become more familiar with the tools in the Solve Phase, they can move towards a think-aloud recording where they are creating their solutions and explaining their work at the same time.

During independent station rotations and Guided Math Groups, students focus on completing the Solve Phase of their independent problem.

In the 5-minute closing of Math Workshop, have 1-2 students play their thinklet recording in the Review Phase for the class. Ask the audience to comment on which tools the presenter used successfully and how those tools clarified the steps to solving the problem.

Next: Session 5 teaches the importance of students checking their work and what appropriate, effective written feedback looks like.