Back To School With CueThink

Welcome back everyone! The end of summer is filled with classroom setup, curriculum planning, and getting to know a whole new group of students. Here are 3 tips to help your students get up to speed with CueThink.

Tip #1: Set up your CueThink class by importing a class roster

Have students register their own CueThink accounts or use import roster feature in Classes page. View this video to see how. If your students are returning to CueThink, they can use their Settings page to enter a new class code.

Tip #2: Access parent resources for back-to-school night

At back-to-school night, print this parent letter and share the link to this blog on home/school connections using CueThink. These resources not only inform parents on what CueThink is, but also provides suggested activities parents can engage in with their child throughout the year.

Tip #3: Use the Getting Started folder in the Problem Bank

When introducing CueThink to your students for the first time, select a problem from the Getting Started folder that all students can solve independently. This will help them focus on learning a new technology tool.

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