Engaging Students in the Problem Solving Process

School / District / Grades

Dale Street School / Medfield Public Schools / Grades 4 and 5

Number of students & Teachers using CueThink

89 students  /  4 teachers

Math Curriculum Used

Massachusetts Mathematics Textbook

Challenges Addressed by CueThink

Our students need to strengthen their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.  We need to support students who get “stuck” when solving a word problem, so they can remain engaged and attempt the problem.  

CueThink Usage

Students used CueThink between November and June during the pilot study. They had access to the iPad cart once a week. The amount of time each week varied depending on classroom schedules. Students completed a combined total of 207 thinklets.

Student Outcomes

We measured CueThink impact with a pre/post comparison using our standards­-based benchmark assessment. The results suggest a correlation between completed Thinklets and math improvement. Teachers reported that the students definitely benefited from using CueThink in many ways. We also heard and observed that teachers would have liked to use the program more consistently and with more time dedicated.

Progress Indicators

The phases (Understand, Plan, Solve and Review) supported [student] problem solving. Our students’ time on task--and level of engagement--was improved using CueThink. On average, students spent 20 ­- 25 minutes completing a thinklet in one class. For those students who did not attempt or had poor attempts [during the] pre-assessment…[although] they still struggled with getting correct answers, many more were engaged [during the post-assessment].