CueThink Inc. Awarded R&D grant from NSF for Embedded Professional Learning

CueThink Inc. has been awarded a second development grant by the National Science Foundation to develop CueTeach, a platform to help math educators deeply analyze student work to differentiate and personalize instruction.  CueTeach will work seamlessly in conjunction with our current student-facing platform, to provide teachers with timely supports for improving students' problem-solving skills and math communication. This project will deliver professional development continuously and in-context using virtual peers, rich rubrics, interactive tools and actionable data. 

The CueTeach Vision

The vision of CueTeach is to revolutionize professional learning by developing embedded, just-in-time support resources to guide educators in effectively implementing new instructional strategies. CueTeach will strengthen CueThink not only as an instructional and cognitive development analysis tool, but also a professional development platform.


CueTeach’s Theoretical Research Approach

The theoretical approach behind the research and development of CueTeach is to provide implementation-based training and supports. Using these supports will increase teachers’ ability to provide students with effective mathematical problem-solving instruction. In the document, “Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All”, the National Council on Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) describes the actions required by educators to provide students the best opportunity to learn to become mathematical thinkers (2014). CueTeach is being designed to directly address four of their eight recommended essential practices and six of the specific recommended actions that fall under these essential practices. These essential practices and specific actions provide the foundation for the research questions addressed during the research phase of the study. 


Essential Practice 1: Implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving
Engage students in solving and discussing tasks that promote mathematical reasoning and problem solving and allow multiple entry points and varied solution strategies.

Essential Practice 2: Facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse
Facilitate discourse among students to build shared understanding of mathematical ideas by analyzing and comparing student approaches and arguments.

Essential Practice 3: Pose purposeful questions
Use purposeful questions to assess and advance students’ reasoning and sensemaking about important mathematical ideas and relationships.

Essential Practice 4: Elicit and use evidence of student thinking
Use evidence of student thinking to assess progress toward mathematical understanding and to adjust instruction continually in ways that support and extend learning.

    Our Research Questions:

    1. What evidence do we have to show that CueTeach helps teachers implement the four essential mathematical teaching practices effectively?
    2. Which specific features of CueTeach offer the most support for each of the four practices?
    3. How does the role of the math coach in the classroom change as a result of using CueTeach in the classroom?
    4. How does CueTeach foster teacher confidence in providing and supporting students with challenging mathematical tasks?

    CueTeach Educator Advisory Group

    We are grateful to our advisory group which is comprised of our champion teachers. Their participation in the formative and pilot studies ensures that we are designing the highest quality professional development tools to improve teachers’ lesson planning, instruction and analysis of student work.


    Denise Granger
    Connect Coach
    Estock Elementary School
    Tustin, California


    Marsha Moller
    Grade 8 Math Teacher
    Grade 6, 7 Special Education Teacher
    The Patrick Lyndon Pilot School
    Boston, Massachusetts


    Anny Couture
    Grade 5 French Immersion Teacher
    Churchville Public School
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada


    Krista Porter
    Grade 7 Math Teacher
    Kerr Middle School
    Burleson, Texas


    Stephanie Paquette
    Mathematics Instructor and Department Lead
    Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
    Providence, Rhode Island


    Tammy Long
    Grade 5 Teacher
    Carrabec Community School
    New Portland, Maine


    Mary Jo Reed
    Allegany Limestone Central School
    Allegany, New York


    Seth Hickman
    Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator
    Burleson ISD
    Burleson, Texas


    Donna Bernaski

    Grade 5 French Immersion Teacher
    Churchville Public School
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada