Product Release Notes

A brief list of features and bug fixes in current and upcoming product releases



Added New registration form with required zip code, state and school from list

Separated student and teacher registration form access

Added access to rosters via Admin Console



Added Learning Hub Module

Implemented Clever Secure Sync

Added Share Problem and Labels feature enhancements



Added New Problem Bank including folders and content details preview pane

Added Community Forum

Added sharing problems

Fixed minor bugs



Added Teacher Toolbar

Added Labels

Added Application time out

Increased table text size

Fixed minor bugs



Added hiding of flagged annotations

Added teacher email notification and restoration or deletion of flagged annotations

Added embedded annotations sentence starters

Fixed selector tool freezing in Solve Phase

Fixed minor bugs



Refined Rubric Summary page with notes, versions, etc

Fixed delayed loading of problems in Problem Bank

Increased clickable corner areas of Selector Tool in Solve Phase

Fixed minor bugs



Included Rubrics column in Class Progress page 

Added Rubric Summary page 

Added ability to reposition Equation Editor window in Solve Phase

Improved behavior of pop up for 3 dot menus

Fixed minor bugs