Product Release Notes

A brief list of features and bug fixes in current and upcoming product releases

Release # Release Date Type of Change Details
2.0.44 8/20/2019 New Feature
  • Problem Bank includes standards filter: for finding problems by key words
  • New Unit in the Learning Hub focused on assessing student in a systematic and timely manner
  • Multi colored highlighter in Understand phase
  • The whiteboard’s stamp tool includes the image from the question stem
2.0.43 6/1/2019 New Feature
  • Problem Bank includes alignment of 750 problems to state standards so that educators can filter by state standards plus Ontario standards
  • Teachers can align new problems to Virginia Standards of Learning.
  • Blank Graphic Organizer added to Resource Bank
  • Student view of rubric scores displayed for in progress thinklet
  • iPad supports table creation with grid
  • Students receive notification of graded rubric and can see rubric details if shared by teacher.
2.0.42 3/31/2019 New Feature
  • The whiteboard contains an improved tool to create a table and easily add, resize and delete rows and columns
  • Teachers have the option to share rubric evaluation with student
  • Students can see rubric scores and write a reflection to share back with their teacher
  • Student names are visible on thinklets instead of username for easier author identification
  • New content was added to the Resource Bank including: “Tips for Evaluating Thinklets to Gather Meaningful Data” and “Elementary and High School One Class Introduction Lesson Plan”
2.0.41 12/7/2018 New Feature
  • Teachers can import a class roster using a CSV template to automatically create student accounts. New students can also be added to existing class using the CSV template
  • Students can use embedded sentence starters to write their plan
  • Bulk Rostering Improvements that identify location and type of input error on CSV file.
  • Thinklet gallery displays number of annotations
  • CueThink Conversation (Community Forum) redesigned with new categories such as Classroom Ideas, Feature requests and Tech Questions. Additionally enhancements, including links to blogs, FAQ and twitter added.
2.0.40 11/11/2018 New Feature
  • Teachers can add and join other classes
  • Teachers can archive classes
  • Teachers can access new Learning Hub unit to introduce four phases to students
  • Teachers can access tips in the Learning Hub for recording thinklets on different browsers
  • First time student users can view editing tips tutorial
  • Teachers can see their classes, student roster with email addresses, and access student settings
  • Students can no longer delete their own account
  • Teachers can reset student password if forgotten
  • Problem Bank displays content alphabetically
  • Rubric summary data display and details now match
  • Students can resize images
2.0.39 New Feature
  • Added New registration form with required zip code, state and school from list
  • Separated student and teacher registration form access
  • Added access to rosters via Admin Console
2.0.38 New Feature
  • Added Learning Hub Module
  • Implemented Clever Secure Sync
  • Added Share Problem and Labels feature enhancements
2.0.37 New Feature
  • Added New Problem Bank including folders and content details preview pane
  • Added Community Forum
  • Added sharing problems
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.0.36 New Feature
  • Added Teacher Toolbar
  • Added Labels
  • Added Application time out
  • Increased table text size
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.0.35 New Feature
  • Added hiding of flagged annotations
  • Added teacher email notification and restoration or deletion of flagged annotations
  • Added embedded annotations sentence starters
  • Fixed selector tool freezing in Solve Phase
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.0.34 Improvement
  • Refined Rubric Summary page with notes, versions, etc
  • Increased clickable corner areas of Selector Tool in Solve Phase
  • Fixed delayed loading of problems in Problem Bank
  • Fixed minor bugs
2.0.33 New Feature
  • Included Rubrics column in Class Progress page
  • Added Rubric Summary page
  • Added ability to reposition Equation Editor window in Solve Phase
  • Improved behavior of pop up for 3 dot menus
  • Fixed minor bugs