Vicki Decker

Grade(s): K-12 Technology Integrator, Technology Access: 1:1 iPad

What was your overall goal in using CueThink with your students?

The overall goal in using CueThink with teachers was to help them to give students a process to solve word problems in a systematic and more engaging way.

How did you introduce CueThink to teachers/students?  

To introduce CueThink I first met with the teachers to showcase the program and then went into the classroom and modeled a lesson that both got them familiar with the interface and the math problem solving process.

How did CueThink most impact your students and your instructional practices?  

CueThink provided a way for teachers to really see where kids were falling down in the process and could then target instruction more effectively to individual students.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to a teacher who's just starting with CueThink?

My one piece of advice is to be patient as the process of integration can be slow for many teachers due to time and the overwhelming feeling of needing to watch every video. Many of my teachers were overwhelmed thinking they had to access every video so encouraging them to have students peer assess or to just watch the ones for students they know are struggling and ones of strong students to use as showcases for correct problems.

My one piece of advice is to be patient
— Vicki Decker