Funded by The National Science Foundation, CueThink is an innovative application focused on improving critical thinking skills and math communication of students in grades 2-12. Our mission is to empower students to see challenges as opportunities.


Announcement: CueThink 2.0 Release Now On All Devices & Browsers

CueThink v2.0 can now be accessed on any laptop, desktop, Chromebook or Android tablet running Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. iPad users can download the new CueThink v2.0 App from the App Store. 

“They are so engaged every time they use CueThink. [My] students feel like they can break down a word problem and feel successful in solving it. When they view each others’ thinklets or make annotations, I find them taking the initiative to re-record their own thinklets.”
— Dena Glynn, Teacher


Our Product

Create a social learning community within your classroom, your school and beyond.


Students develop a growth mindset and build a repertoire of mathematical strategies by sharing and learning from their peers.

Teachers build a collaborative classroom with a focus on mathematical rigor and perseverance.

Schools prepare students to meet curricular goals and higher assessment standards with technology.

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