Funded by The National Science Foundation, CueThink is an innovative application and a pedagogy focused on improving critical thinking skills and math collaboration for students in grades 2-12. Our mission is to foster a growth mindset and empower students to see challenges as opportunities.


21st century learning demands a new approach

Both an application and a pedagogy, CueThink's methodology is based on renowned mathematician George Pólya’s four phases of problem solving. CueThink provides a consistent language and problem solving structure across grades for students to excel on new performance-based assessments.

cuethink makes math social

Our tablet and web-based tool captures and presents the thinking process and cognition. Students create "thinklets" or video vignettes of their solutions. Once their work is published to the gallery, students obtain timely, high quality feedback from peers and teachers.  


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not just a tool, a way forward

Within CueThink, teachers can flexibly implement rigorous mathematical tasks from a curated Problem Bank or district curriculum to differentiate instruction. We employ a team of professional math educators who train teachers on effective implementation of rigorous tasks and review of student work to improve problem solving pedagogy. 


Social Emotional Learning in the Math Classroom Webinars

How can we bridge the concepts and skills of Math with the soft skills needed to be a successful learner?  Join CueThink’s Director of Professional Learning, Laurie Sullivan, as we delve into the connections between Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and math problem-solving.

Classroom Stories

Kayla Hoff
grade 3 teacher

"CueThink brought a sense of community to my classroom through seeing and responding to each other’s work. My students had a lot more accountability, pride and confidence as math thinkers. I had them thinking deeply, and by partnering them up, it enabled my students to develop their team building skills. I got my students to love math! ”


Rob Vermeer
grade 4/5/6 teacher

"By using CueThink, I can listen to all my students and see their problem solving in a step-by-step manner. The main impact of CueThink is that students are able to access engaging problems through a variety of problem solving strategies. Students are empowered to discover there is more than one way to solve a problem and show academic perseverance.”


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